Selection Process:

The Canadian Family Food Awards are a National readers’choice initiative that allows real families across Canada to determine which grocery brands are tops on their list.

With thousands of products to choose from in an ever expanding grocery aisle, the Canadian Family Food Awards lets our readers know which products make the grade with our readers and Canadian families from coast-to-coast. Products that are voted the best within their categories are declared winners within the awards categories and featured in the Annual Winter Special Food Issue.

Selection FAQ

  -  How were the products nominated?  Our edit team went out to the grocery stores to see what brands are available in
               each category. We also allowed brands to register their products before our Awards opened.
  -  How was the voting done?  The voting was open to anyone on
      (which is now closed.)
  -  How many Canadians voted?   5509 Canadians voted.
  -  How many categories are there?   There are 60 categories.