Guidelines for Brands:

These are the general guidelines for use of the the Publication's Award Logos represented by St. Joseph Media:
Brand Licensing Guidelines
  • Approval and release of high-resolution logo artwork is provided once guidelines are met and appropriate agreements are in place.
  • A mockup of promotional material is required when submitting your request for approval.
  • A description of intended logo use is required when uploading your mockup (where, when, and in what context seal will appear, plus estimated impressions or quantities, and if applicable, media spend).
  • For approval of mockups featuring FPO (For Placement Only) logo, please upload the final file featuring high-res artwork to St. Joseph Media.
  • The approval process must be continued: a) throughout the terms of the purchase agreement; b) with any revisions to approved materials; and c) on all new materials.

  • Award logos may only be used with the award-winning product(s) in the winning category.
  • The logo must be featured on or near the winning product.
  • If multiple products are shown, the logo must be clearly placed with the winning product.

  • All logos must include the year in which the award was won.
  • You must choose a logo from the variations provided. Color and layout may not be altered. Black and white may be available.
  • You may change the size of the seals at your discretion.
  • The logo cannot be translated in any other language. The English version can be used internationally.

  • Logos expire after time specified in the purchase agreement. Licensing fees are paid on an annual basis.
  • On the dates the logo expires, artwork is no longer available for licensing. If the logo’s expiration date falls during a brand’s one-year term, the brand may continue to use the logo until the term end date listed on the brand’s purchase agreement.

  • Includes: commercials, infomercials, TV shopping networks, and TV segments.
  • Submit script and storyboard with correct FPO logo artwork for approval.
  • Submit final cut with high-resolution logo artwork for approval.
  • Includes: outdoor media, print ads, direct mail, catalogs, FSIs, and circulars (consumer and trade apply).
  • Includes: all online ad units.

Print + Retail Displays
  • Print includes: posters, counter cards, company newsletters, brochures, and printed materials used internally by brands (consumer and trade apply).
  • Retail displays include: In-store fixtures, end-caps/end-aisles, point-of-purchase, shelf talkers, and gondolas.
  • If the display features the award-winning product alongside other products, logo artwork must be in close proximity to the award-winning SKU.
  • Includes: brand website, product detail pages on retailer websites, email blasts, social media, web videos, blog posts, and mobile apps.
Product Packaging
Includes: on-pack, stickering, and hangtags.
  • Once the annual usage agreement expires, units featuring the logo that have already shipped and/or are on-shelves may be sold through; however, you may not produce additional units featuring the logo.
  • If the formula of a winning product is altered in any way, the seal can no longer be used in conjunction with that product. You must resubmit your product to St. Joseph Media for their consideration.
  • If the name of a product is changed or if the packaging is redesigned, you must state this when submitting your application and/or mockups.
  • Submit publication text references or copy featuring the publication / award references for approval.
  • Any references to product name and categories should be worded as they appear within the publication.
  • The winning year and type of award are required in text references.
  • The following is an acceptable format when mentioning an award in text: YEAR, TYPE OF AWARD, BRAND, PRODUCT NAME,CATEGORY(optional).
  • Font size must be legible;11 point is acceptable.